May 03, 2023

SAF Challenge has always been the most awaited event especially among the members of the Special Action Force. For years the said event has been postponed due to the outbreak of the Covid 19 Virus however the wait is finally over. Participants from SAF line battalions, SAF headquarters, allied forces and territorial police unit gathered on this momentous event to showcase their physical and mental abilities as well as their unity and camaraderie on a series of competition. As the guest of honor and speaker, PBGEN RUDOLPH B DIMAS delivered a message to the participants and I quote “Give your best and no matter what happened it is never about winning but the journey you made along the way”

The first day of the SAF Challenge consist of seven major events. The rope course, sack carry, close quarter battle, battering ram, tire flip, inverted crawl, shalom, and 100-meter troop carrier push.

After the events concluded the participants of the SAF challenge departed from SAF Training Branch to Palikpikan Balayan Batangas for the continuation of the said competition.

The competition resumed with several events at hand, the obstacle course this activity aims to test the physical abilities of the participants. Endurance firing, participants ran with their equipment’s to the firing range eliminating as many targets as they can. This activity aims to test the participants marksmanship and stability under pressure. Land navigation, this activity aims to improve the participants navigating skills despite harsh terrain and condition. Combat Casualty Care, Firearms Assembly and disassembly, knot tying, Explosive identification, and radio communication through cypher and decipher of coded messages, this activity aims to test the mental ability of the participants in making accurate decision under stress and pressure. Small boat handling, this activity aims to showcase that the PNP is also adaptable specially during search and rescue operations.

The SAF Challenge did not fail to exceed the expectation of the participants as well as the community worldwide, moreover during the length of each event they were briefed, assisted, and checked by the skilled and well-trained amperes and mentors of the Special Action Force. The Force Health Service also remained alert and prepared ensuring everyone’s safety as their main priority.

On May 6, 2023 the culmination of the 3-day SAF Challenge has ended in the grounds of SAFTB ANNEX, Palikpikan, Balayan, Batangas attended by PBGEN RUDOLPH B DIMAS Acting Director SAF together with PMGEN MARIO A REYES The Director for Police Community Relation as the Guest of Honor and Speaker, he commended the officers, participants, committees and facilitators for a job well done and expects nothing less from the members of the PNP as they stive to achieve the 5-FOCUSED AGENDA OF PGEN BENJAMIN C  ACORDA JR, CHIEF, PNP. Further the efforts and dedication of the participating teams were duty recognized however there will always be the best among the rest. The 1 Special Action Battalion was declared as the 2nd runner up. The 14 Special Action Battalion was declared as the 1st runner up and the Rapid Deployment Battalion was declared as the overall champion of the SAF Challenge 2023.